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Why my system prompt memory run out when I watch certain camtasia videos? Also what is important factors in producing a quality video?

for example,

a good video I seen online is

I watch many videos online, certain videos I watch is jerky, i.e. one moment can hear one moment cannot hear.
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How much memory/ram onboard
how big is page file set?
how many programs running on the rightside taskbar? these consume virtual memory.
memory errors can be related to all these.
Hard disc space, how long since you defrag/ analyze the hard disc.
Run ccleaner to clear out temp IE files. if IE files cache is full.
A simple program that removes unused and temporary files from Windows machines.
How long since you updated the windows?
check for spyware?
Hidden spyware conumes memory
download HijackThis 1.99.1,from the direct link top right corner 
save it to a folder on your desktop and then install to that.
run the scan and save a log but dont fix
copy the entire log and paste it there as well>> 
below the panel  hit analyze, now just scroll down to
have a look at the results of the analyzed log.
Open taskmanager then VIEW select columns add virtual memory size
check processes.
Do all these then come back if problem stil  exist.
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