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Opinions about server and storage (Sun)

Hi, I just want to know if you know or have worked with a server and a storage like this one:

Sun Fire T2000 4 core 1.0 GHz 8GB 2x73
2x73 GB 10K RPM 2.5" SAS Disk
2x4Gb FC Single Port HBA

Sun StorageTek 6140A-4-730G-1x1x5x146GC-RR

And your opinion about it.... What is it good for ? Pros - Cons , any information about when and why buying or not them.


Do they work only with Solaris OS ? or I could also install Windows or Linux ?
3 Solutions
Its tough to give advice without knowing your intended result.

The T2000 is a fine machine.  

Its an Ultra Sparc, so don't get confused by the 1ghz cpu speed, since it does not compare to a pc 1ghz, it is effectively a lot faster.

If getting it new, I would be sure to add the graphics card and keyboard/mouse options, otherwise you will be stuck trying to talk to it with a serial connection, which is not a lot of fun...

I would also think about getting 4 146gb drives instead of just the 2 73gb drives.

What is it good for?  Almost anything. :-)   A webserver, a file server, a database server.  

Good Luck!
   Because of the processor, I would say with 99% certainty that Windows is a no... at least nativly.  You could however use a VM environment to run windows here.

  Linux, is a yes.  There are several flavors of linux (certified even) to run on the ultrasparc t1 processors used in these boxes.

  I have not used that particular storage configuration, but I must say that this box is really good when it comes to lots of processes for transactions like mail, db, etc.  Personally I have not (and it has been since before solaris 8) liked Sun's storage I/O because it has always seemed slow.  I can't put my finger on it percisely, but I had better disk thoughput on x86es with linux then solaris on ultraspacs.

What would be best is if you can get Sun to agree to a 60day trial... They have been doing that with some of their boxes, I just can say for certain with the T2Ks.

-Cheers, Peter.
T2000 uses an integer-based processor (no floating point).  As such, it's *incredibly* fast for purposes of things like serving files, web pages, etc.    That server however is NOT a good choice if you have high computational needs (scientific, etc).
blueshaolinAuthor Commented:
Do you think it would be OK (or better or worse) for a common medical Information System with 300 clients  ? Basically databases and files....


300 clients is not a huge data set, and should be handled just fine by this system.

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