Can't make changes to previously accepted appointments (or reoccuring) on Blackberry

I am in need of assistance with a Blackberry issue that was presented to our team yesterday by one of our Blackberry users. She is currently running on a Blackberry 8700 on Cingular\AT&T network (Blackberry version 4.1, platform version: 2.0) BES version Her question is that she can accept any new meeting requests on her blackberry with no problem. However she is unable to make any changes to any older appointments be it a reoccuring meetings or an appointment that is coming up that she accepted in the past. For instance she receives a new reoccuring appointment and she accepts it on her blackberry. Now she views her calendar and one of the occurences she is not able to attend so she wants to update that appointment on her blackberry and notify the organizer that she will not be able to attend this meeting today. There isn't any option to complete this action on the blackberry. She can delete the appointment. I have tested this on several different models of blackberries on different carriers and I am not able to do this. She swears this was able to be completed in the past but is now not able to. I have tried to search on Blackberry's site and I am unable to find any resolution to this because I don't think this can be done.

I even changed the option in Outlook that does not automatically delete the original meeting request, hoping that if that email stayed in her inbox she would be able to reopen that email and either accept it, decline or set it as tentative. But this was unsuccessful. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.
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1)Is anyone else able to do this ?

If not, then I do not think it is an option. It probably needs to be done on the email client.

I hope this helps !
This is a blackberry annoyance.  Once you accept the meeting you cannot decline it from the blackberry.  The only thing you can do is delete it from your calendar but it will not notify the organizer.  
tonyenorAuthor Commented:
I haven't seen this done and that is why I tried it on different blackberrys with the hope that it may have been a limitation on her blackberry. But none of us can complete this. So I am going to assume that this is not able to be completed and advise her. I was just going off her informing us that she was able to do this in the past which is what I can't understand.

I wlll inform her that she will need to make all changes in Outlook. Thanks

How do I spilt the points?
tonyenorAuthor Commented:
I figured it out. Thank you both for your prompt response.
tonyenorAuthor Commented:
Let me rephrase that I was able to figure out how to spilt the points not figure out this problem. :-) Thanks.
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