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We use our Internet Provider for our Pop and SMTP email. We are starting to get alot of SPAM email. I setup a SPAMPAL server and it works but it is slow and it only marks the email. I am looking for a hardware solutions to replace our router that will filterout our SMTP SPAM email. Does anyone know of a good product that is not outrageously expensive, I am looking at spending less then $1500 on this project.

I Do not want any product that would require us to setup an exchange email server in house as that is not an option for us. mainly because i dont have time support it!

Any ideas would be great, Thank You.
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WadskiConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
If you want an 'out of house' hands off solution you should look at 

They scan your email for AV and AS before it forwarding it to you.  It is seamless and managed totally by them so there is nothing you have to do to keep up to date.

As previously mentioned messagelabs is a good service as you change your DNS to point to them and they spam and virus scan it for you and then redeliver it to your ISP. For this to work however you have to have your own domain name. do the same service but they can also pick up mail from a POP3 account aswell which is ideal if you dont have your own domain name.

If you want your own server then I would recomend which runs on Linux. If you are not happy installing software on Linux then you can purchase the commercial appliance based unit called defendermx from
Jan SpringerCommented:
Ditto with grblades re: MailScanner+SA+ClamAV
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