Microsoft Exchange Server with a POP3 profile - get "send report to Microsoft" when receiving

We have a microsoft exchange server 2003.  We are trying to setup an IT helpdesk system called ReadyDesk.  When a new ticket is created in the ReadyDesk system an email is automatically sent to the customer and the technician thru an email account helpdesk@[ourmailaddress].com.  This works fine.  The ReadyDesk system says that we can reply to the messages inside of Outlook and the ReadyDesk system will track the history of that ticket and the email is relayed thru the helpdesk@[ourmailaddress].com account.  BUT the helpdesk@[ourmailaddress].com must be using POP3.  So we went into our mail server and started the POP3 service, sent up a Profile of helpdesk@[ourmailaddress].com.  

We tested like this:
Opened a help ticket as a customer in the ReadyDesk System
The customer got a email saying the help ticket has been received
the customer replyed to the above email
The email seems to get stuck there.  If we check the mail server and the email for the profile helpdesk it will try to receive the email message but we get the "Miscroft Outlook and encountered a problem - send a report to Microsoft?" error window which I don't understand the information and the file name it gives is msvcrt.dll

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you

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So you don't drive yourself completely nuts make sure that when you're testing the email functionality you are using 2 separate emails accounts. When I was initially troubleshooting my problems I kept assigning tickets to myself that I had created and the messages wouldn't fire. Make sure you open a ticket with one account and then assign it to another. It took me 2 full days to figure this one out.
Hi, I have ReadyDesk and the POP features work. You should verify that:
* POP3 is enabled on the account you are using for the POP mailbox
* You are using the correct username and password for the POP account
If memory serves (it was a very long time ago that I had initially installed RD) I had to use my mail servers public IP address to get this working.
Let me know if you get this working
cheyennepAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your response.  I am going to try this and I will let you know.  For some unknown reason the ReadyDesk Manager stopped running on the server and we had to start it up again.  After that tickets seemed to work better but we are still having one problem.

When a customer creates a new ticket everything works fine, BUT when a customer creates a new ticket and includes an attachment file the customer doesn't get a email notification and the assigned tech doesn't get a email notification.  

I am glad to find another ReadyDesk user out there.  I happen to like the software because of it's simplicity but the customer service hasn't been the greatest.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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