Snap Server 4200 rights issue

I have an Adaptec Snap Server 4200   GuardianOS 4.2.054 SP3

I have two users that save files to a particular directory. Each of them is configured to have access to that directory through the snap server administration page.

The problem is when one of them adds a file to that directory or a sub directory, the other user does not have rights to see it.

Through windows xp , i click on the file and go to security and then give the user rights to the file.

How can I tell the snap server to give these two users full rights to all files in that directory new and existing ?

Thank you
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 You setup shares on the SNAP and both people have rights?  It's been a while since our snap servers were attached, so I'm going by memory. In the Snap Administrator you configure shares and access rights just as you would a Windows Files Server...  This has been done?
Not sure, but I would first talk to Adaptec support, or check the manaul again. Ca you give  both Admin rights in the Dir.
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