Step to access another person's computer-Gain Control of another computer with a IP Address with Real VNC for window

Steps to gain access with real vnc another person workstation with an ip address ex.
The other computer has VNC installed on it.
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askrabbitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. On remote workstation, make sure that you know the VNC password and the IP address.
2. On your workstation, install VNC (at least VNC viewer). My personal preference is the free version of RealVNC:
3. Launch VNC Viewer, type in the remote IP address. When prompted, enter the remote workstation's VNC password.
4. If VNC does not prompt you for a password and gives a timeout error, ensure that the remote system is switched on (!) and accessible from your workstation. It may be that the firewall on the remote system is preventing VNC on that machine from responding. For Windows XP SP2, create and allow a program exception for vncserver.exe.
AFreeman123Author Commented:

 Under add new client I put ip address.The message I receive is connection failed.  I am
not sure I understand what you mean  on  create & allow program exception means for vncserver.exe tried to find file on C drive but it was not found.
Actually, vncserver.exe should be winvnc4.exe (or similar) when speaking about RealVNC.  This should be done on the server machine (remote workstation).  On your local machine, you will want to add an exception for vncviewer.exe.

Both of these files can be found in the RealVNC install folder on each machine.  (The default is C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC4).

The exceptions askrabbit is referring to are for your firewall.  If you have nothing else installed, this will be the Windows Firewall.  You can read more about adding exceptions here:
(scroll down)

Hope that helps!
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