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What does no top level found mean?

I'm trying to generate the errortemplate and it won't find one! I get this No top level page was found, when I excute a error
1 Solution
Scott BennettManager TechnologyCommented:
top level not found error may indicate you are not properly specifying the CFC location

the following it a n exerpt from

If you use a cfinvoke or cfobject tag, or the CreateObject function to access the CFC from a CFML page, ColdFusion searches directories in the following order:
1. Local directory of the calling CFML page
2. Directories specified on the ColdFusion Mappings page of the ColdFusion MX Administrator
3. Web root
4. Directories specified on Custom Tag Paths page of the Administrator

If you specify only a component name, ColdFusion searches each of these directories, in turn, for the component.

Note: If you use only the component name to specify the CFC, ColdFusion does not search the directories specified in the Administrator on the ColdFusion Mappings page. If you specify a qualified path that starts with a mapped directory name, ColdFusion does find the component.

If you specify a qualified path, such as myApp.cfcs.myComponent, ColdFusion looks for a directory matching the first element of the path in each of these directories (in this example, myApp). If it finds a matching directory, it then looks for a file in the specified path beneath that directory, such as myApp\cfcs\myComponent.cfc relative to each of these directories.

Note: If ColdFusion finds a directory that matches the first path element, but does not find a CFC under that directory, ColdFusion returns a not found error and does not search for another directory.

FIATECHAuthor Commented:

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