searching for exchangeguid in powershell

I am trying to search for a mailbox by using the GUID that is provided to me in an error from MOM.
I am getting an error in powershell but I do not know why.  Here is the following:

[PS] R:\>get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited -domaincontroller |where-object {$_.exchangeguid -eq 027293e0-2600-40d2-96b5-d8b0a7ce63dd}
Unexpected token '2' in expression or statement.
At line:1 char:130
+ get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited -domaincontroller
where-object {$_.exchangeguid -eq 027293e0-2600-40d2- <<<< 96b5-d8b0a7ce63dd}

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
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027293e0-2600-40d2-96b5-d8b0a7ce63dd needs to be in ""
when you do -eq it does and EXACT match

[PS] R:\>get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited -domaincontroller |where-object {$_.exchangeguid -eq "027293e0-2600-40d2-96b5-d8b0a7ce63dd"}
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