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     I'm in an 2003 environment that has multiple sites- all connected by T-1s.  While  removing a child domain, I started poking around in sites and services.  I saw that for the replication links, the costs were all different.  I thought that you would only have different costs if you had different types of connections -for example, a slow DSL or dial up backup connection that would have a higher cost than the T-1.  With that in mind, should I make all of these costs the same value? The replication interval for all sites is also the same.  Set for 180 minutes.  Thanks!

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mcsweenConnect With a Mentor Sr. Network AdministratorCommented:
The cost does mostly refer to the speed of the link but there could be other factors in play here.  If some of the T1s are utilized more than the others then they would have a higher cost because there is less available bandwidth.  If they are all have relatively low utilization I would lower the replication interval to say 60 or 90 minutes and set the costs all the same.
ormerodrutterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You set the "costs" only if you have slow links between any sites. To be honest with nowadays broadband rate the cost factors are not as important as before. Also if you have T1s between all your sites then you shouldn't need to worry about AD replications between sites. AD replications don't use too much bandwidth anyway.
If you are really concerned about bandwidth used by your AD replication you'd probably benefit from  defining a better replication topology.
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