Viewing users email from server in SBS 2003

When logged into the SBS 2003 can I view the items (mail, contacts, calendar) in an user account.  I can't seem to find the place to view this.  I would think that if I am logged in as an administrator then it should be possible.
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See if this helps: http:Q_21394713.html

You have to grant the permissions on the server, you can then open the mailbox up in Outlook through File > Open > Other User's Folder.
You have to do this through Outlook, yet by default this is disabled since I think there's all sorts of privacy implications on users having privacy in their email.

You can follow this article to do it:
Do the section titled "Granting right to a mailboxes located within a specific mailbox store"

If you need more info let me know.
Actually I believe you can also do it through OWA by changing the alias after the /exchange/<alias> to the user you want to access.

Outlook is a better way IMO though.

fijimarkAuthor Commented:
When following the directions I do not see the users mailbox in the list.  It appears to be a handfull of groups but none of our users.
fijimarkAuthor Commented:
When you mean through Outlook.  What is this process?
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