Trying to convert a basic disk to RAID-1 using ghost

I am trying to convert a basic disk to a 2-drive RAID-1 configuration.  I have a clone of my data on an IDE drive, and now I want to move it back to my SATA drives once I configure them as RAID-1.  If necessary, I should be able to make partition images of each of my 3 partitions to my IDE backup.  I am using ghost 2003 to clone drives and make images.  I assume I can't just do a disk clone from an IDE drive to a RAID-1 container.  I also assume that I can't really copy the partitions over, because the data might be there but it wouldn't be bootable.   The server I am working on is running SBS 2003.  I have the OS disks and a tape backup to restore in a worst-case scenario.

What do I need to do to make this conversion work?  
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I don't have any experience with Ghost, but I've use Image For Windows. Create an image of your IDE drive using Ghost. It should create separate images for each partition on the drive. These images should be saved to an external USB disk. After installing the SATA drives partition one drive with sizes greater than, or equal to what was on the previous IDE drive. Restore images to the new partitions using Ghost.

You may encounter these problems: as Rolust mentioned, the pre-environment Ghost uses may not have drivers that support writing to an SATA interface. BartPE with Ghost installed may help there. Second, I'm assuming you're using the same hardware, but if you're using a different box, Windows may throw a fit. Usually running through a repair corrects these problems by installing the correct drivers.

The drive should be bootable, and Windows should come up. If you're using a software raid, you can now convert the SATA drives to dynamic disks, and mirror them.

Youre issue is because you´re moving from ide to sata, If you should a soft ware like Symantec fomrer live recovery "Restore anywhere" you wood have  the possiblity to add driver for SATA.

the latest verson of Ghost has support for SATA drives but I´m not sure if you could add drivers.'
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bjulianAuthor Commented:
It turns out that cloning the lone sata drive to the ide, then back from ide to the RAID-1 SATA container worked just fine.  Luckily my copy of ghost recognized the raid container as a single drive and allowed the copy operation.  Thanks for the help.
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