I want to setup a user in Lotus Notes but I want to restrict who they can send and receive email from.  All users they can send and receive email from are internal if that matters.
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DO not put an Internet address in their Person doc, and you may also be able to add restrictions on the router.

Do you want to limit access to Lotus Notes users only , or a subset of these users ?

please be more specific.

I hope this helps !
jwebster77Author Commented:
Let me  re-phrase.  I have a couple users I want to setup and I only want them to be able to receive email and send email to 4 users.  (Those 4 users are internal users)
Well, if you have a lot more than 4 users, there are two ways.

1)  Change the Person Doc security so that everyone but this person can see the person docs. This can be quite a lot of work for a large group of people.

2) Create a special Mail template for this person, and remove the address lookups, and replace with a drop down list that allows only these 4 people.  You will also need to disable type ahead and any other way of entering names, and  in the send option, make sure that only those 4 names are allowable.

I hope this helps !

This is more less unfeasible. You can easily restrict Internet sending.  To restrict most internal messages, you have only a few options:

1) Set up a separate domain for the four recipients, set up a separate domain for the "limited ability" users, then set domain route through restrictions so they can only route to the domain with the four users

2) Lots and lots of reader restrictions in the NAB, and continue to maintain that on any new user registrations, or changes to the list of four

3) Lots of work developing a custom mail template.  I've done this for a very specialized project, and it is a REALLY big deal to do.

4) Server Rules can NDR against specific search criteria, but will have some server performance impact.  You need to make sure the rules apply to all servers, and you need the most recent version of Domino, and you need to stagger your rules.  Even then, it may be possible for a user to slip one through if sending to multiple recipients, unless you modify he rules templates.

I would say #4 is most likley.
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