How many sessions a user have using terminal services


Manier times a user logs on to the server machine using terminal services. Now he sometimes forgets to log off and then opens a new sessions. This causes issues with some services. So how can we find out how many sessions he has opened
how can we kill the sessions
which is the oldest session

hope i am clear

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Terminal Services Manager under Administrative Tools is your best friend. From that console, you can determine who is logged into which server, length of time they have been connected, if they are idle, connected or disconnected (meaning they just closed the window) and you can also force log offs and disconnects per user or server.You also have the ability of remotely controlling their session from this console.

If you wish to limit the user to one session at a time (per server), open the Terminal Services  Configuration MMC, also in the Admin Tools of the server. Click on 'Server Settings' and set 'Restrict each user to one session' to 'Yes'.
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