RDP issue

Not able to rdp in my lan. It was working yesterday, and now it is not. Pls help.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Have you applied any Windows updates recently? If so some Windows updates require that the server be rebooted twice before Remote desktop is restored. Oddity, but true.

If you have applied SP2 there are several known issues. Have a look at the following:

If still having issues, run through the following check list. I would start with #8:
1-try connecting using the IP of the remote computer not the computer name
2-"allow users to connect remotely to this computer" must be enabled
3-you must be a member of the remote desktop users group of the local machine (administrators are by default)
4-if the workstation is a member of a server 2000/2003 domain you will have one of the 2 following check boxes, depending on the version, on the "Terminal Services Profile" of the users profile in Active Directory. Make sure it is checked appropriately. "Deny the user permission to log on to any terminal server", or "Allow Logon to Terminal Server"
5-if XP SP2 or Server 2003 SP1 the firewall needs to be configured to allow remote connections ( I would disable for now for troubleshooting purposes)
6-makesure any other software firewalls are disabled as well (for test purposes), including Internet security suites. Symantec's sometimes needs to be uninstalled or if using Symantec Antivirus some versions have "Internet Worm Protection" which can block Remote Desktop. Try disabling that as well.
7-Verify the Remote Desktop User group has the rights to log on using Terminal Services.  Go to Control Panel | Administrative tools | Local Security Policy | Local Policies | User Rights Assignments ...make sure Remote Desktop Users is included in "allow logon through Terminal Services"  
8-The terminal Services service must be running
If you have access to the remote machine make sure it is "listening" for your connection. To do so at a command line enter (substitute port # if not using default 3389):
  netstat  -an  |find  "3389"
You should get the following result:
TCP    listening
If not go to Start  | Run | services.msc and see if Terminal Services is started and set to automatic
gonna need more information than "it doesnt work".  be specific
ibqtiAuthor Commented:
not sure what else to tell you. i checked the windows firewall to make sure that i twas off, i made sure that remote access was still enabled, and i disabled the antivirus as a temporary measure. what else should i check?
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are you rdping to a server, desktop?
can you connect to it while attached to the same lan?
what has changed since yesterday?
ibqtiAuthor Commented:
gotcha! yes to the server.
i'm trying to connect from within the same lan
nothing..that i know of.
Did you try restarting the server?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks ibqti.
Cheers !
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