NEWBIE: How to redirect or copy files to another directory automatically?

Dear Experts,

I'm having files FTP'ed to:


As soon as they come in, I'd like to have then automatically moved (or copied + delete original) to:

C:\Program Files\MyCompany\MyOtherDir

Is there an easy way to make that happen automatically?

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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would do this via a script of some kind that is triggered every so often, and moves the files ( Or copies and deletes the original )

WSH script should be able to handle this, or even a batch file and a scheduled task.

I hope this helps !
Ahmed Abdel SalamPh.D. CandidateCommented:
I am not sure if changing the FTP root path will be usefull for you or not..
anyway .. check this
BrianMc1958Author Commented:
I don't think I can do that, as other people will be using ftproot.  But thanks.  Any other ideas?  I'm a newbie at this type of thing, so I may be missing something obvious.
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