Postini Integration with Exchange 2007

I have Exchange 2007 running in a Windows 2003 Domain. We use Postini as our spam solution. Now when Postini detects a spam message, it leaves the spam in a "Message Center" that must be accessed thru a web browser. We went to get those messages to go straight to the Junk E-Mail folder in Outlook 2003/2007.

We can have Postini modify the header so that the subject of the message would be something like "SPAM: <subject>." What we can't find is a way for Exchange to process any messages with the "SPAM" designation to push it to the Junk E-Mail folder. Obviously, it can be done by rules in Outlook, but that is a poor solution to a domain of 100 users. It would require manually changing the rules on each workstation.

Is there a way in Exchange to set a "global rule" for messages? Or if anyone has any better suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.
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That's a little silly.
You're paying Postini to check your systems for spam and whilst it's correct that there can be false positives the chances are very low indeed.

If you do indeed need to do this have you considered using a Transport Rule. Set the spam level to 9 and let it carry on through. Outlook will then take care of it. You can do it in the GUI and the end result it:

PowerShell script:

Exchange Management Shell command completed:
new-TransportRule -Name 'Spam Tagging' -Comments '' -Conditions 'Microsoft.Exchange.MessagingPolicies.Rules.Tasks.SubjectContainsPredicate' -Actions 'Microsoft.Exchange.MessagingPolicies.Rules.Tasks.SetSclAction' -Exceptions  -Enabled $true -Priority '0'

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