What are the mailbox limits on your mail server?

We have not increased our mailbox size limits in years.  I am wondering if it is time do so.  Although I am reluctant, I would rather that users keep their mailboxes lean and clean and not use as a file storage for attachments, etc.

Anyway, our standard for the past 7 years has been a 200 mb limit.  A few years ago due to pressure from the Sales department I increased the limit to 300 mb for Sales personnel only.  

I'll leave this inquiry open for about a week to see the variety of responses that I may get.  Thanks in advance!
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Well I've just begun designing an Exchange 2007 implmentation ofr a company in the UK, I've set their mailbox limits to be 200mb per user.  I personally I think this is an average size. Bigger the mailbox longer it would taje to recover / migrate  
MMHDUAuthor Commented:
Does anyone else out there have any input?????
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