Assigning Admin Rights to a Domain User for a Kodak Camera on WinXP

Where do I assign Admin Rights to allow a "domain user" Admin Rights to a Kodak G600 Printer Dock or any Camera on WinXP.  They should have no admin rights to anything else.
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Right click on the item, click 'Properites' and then select the 'Security' tab and make the required changes there
you may use seconday logon usinf RunAs if you want it temporarily
Format C:.. just kidding.  both solutions above will work.. don't give me any points.  


Is the camera already installed? The user might not have the rights to load the drivers.....
Typically with camera and printer installation an admin can install the software (driver) for it and then a limited user account can connect to and access it.

If they need to use special software to access the pictures you may have to set NTFS permissions for the user to that program's folder only. This isn't usually the case as often the program files shouldn't need to be changed. However, if it stores pictures anywhere other than the logged in user's profile you'll need to set permissions to whatever folder they are saved in.

There isn't a setting that will allow the user to install the device drivers and software without them being an admin. If you have a windows 2000 or 2003 AD domain you could distribute the software via group policy if you want the total hands off approach. It seems like it could be overkill for your situation though.
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