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how do I recall an email sent from Lotus Notes?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
tablij, any update?
Greetings tlbaij !

If you are using Lotus Notes and Domino V8, you can recall a sent mail.  Open the Sent view of your Lotus Notes V8 mail file, highlight the mail you want to recall, and click the Recall Message button in the Action ba

If you do not have Verson 8, or did not previous configure the recall before you sent the message, then the message cannot be recalled.

Best wishes, war1
I agree. This requires an R8 server.

The best you can do is write an agent on the server and have it delete the message after going through all the Mail files, an even then there are no gurarantess that someone has not replicated it locally.

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The basic answer is: you can't.  WHy is anyone even talking about R8? Not realistic.
tlbaijAuthor Commented:
Although these were not the answers I was hoping for, certainly they came quickly, definitively and accurately
Now that everyone has shot it down, just wanted you to know that it IS possible, but requires some complex additions ... your mail template, a secondary script repository, some reconfiguration of your Domino servers.  Which is probably not feasible.
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