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C: I/O File problems...

So I'm writing a program in C  and this one part is giving me trouble.  I want this function to find the first half of the line, which is set up 348247:title, with only the title. How would I accomplish this?(the title which I am comparing, is passed from another function)

int search(char title[81], int *stocknum[])
int j;
char tite[81];
FILE *va;
va = fopen("/Users/cap412/Desktop/videos.dat", "r");
for (j = 0; j < 50; j++){
fscanf(va, "%s", tite[j]);
if(strncmp(tite, title, 81) == 0)
fscanf(va, "%[0-9]", &stocknum[j]);
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for (j = 0; j < 50; j++){
  fscanf(va, "%80s", tite);
  if( strstr(tite, title) )
    sscanf(tite, "%[0-9]",stocknum[j]);
cap213Author Commented:
Hrm...this only searches and inputs the first value in the database...maybe I'm doing something wrong when the user scans the title?

int getTitle(char title[81])
      printf("Please enter title to search or quit:  ");
      scanf("%s", title);
      return title;
int search(char title[81], int *stocknum[])
   int j, offset;
   char tite[81];
   FILE *va = fopen("your file", "rt");
   int k = errno;
   for (j = 0; j < 50; j++){
      fscanf(va, "%s", tite);
      offset = strstr(tite, title);
      if (offset != 0)
         sscanf(tite, "%d", &stocknum[j]);
   return 1;

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Change the loop body to something like this

/* Get the line in */
char buffer[80];
fgets (buffer, sizeof (buffer), va);

/* Get the stock number - stops converting as soon as it hits a non numeric */
stocknum[j] = atoi (buffer);

/* Get title one char after the colon */
strcpy (title[i], strchr (buffer, ':') + 1);
I'd use this approach, a teensy bit slower but simpler:

int stocknumarray[10000];   char stocktitlearray[10000][80];  FILE * va;

va = fopen( "stockfile.txt", "r" ); tot = 0;

if( va != NULL ) {

while( not feof( va ) ) {
fscanf( va, "%d:%s", &stocknumarray[ tot ], stocktitlearray[ tot ]);
if(  strstr( title, WantedTitle ) != NULL )     tot++;

fclose( va );

Jinesh KamdarCommented:
>> maybe I'm doing something wrong when the user scans the title?
I guess so, looking at ur getTitle function since it is defined to return an int, but is actually returning a char [ ].
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