schedule shutdown in windows 2003 server


I want to schedule the shutdown of my server (to save electricity... i have tried using the command "shutdown.exe" in the task scheduler, but sometimes works, sometimes doesn't... most of the time the server doesn't shutdown.

Do you know a better method to schedule a shut down?

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sounds like running apps may be preventing shut down.  You might need some switches

shutdown -r -f -t 60
the trick is the -f switch, it forces apps to close.

the -r switch reboots.  You may not want this.

to see all options on command line:
shutdown /?

Save this in a batch file (text file ending in .bat)  then scedule with sceduled tasks in control pannel.
if you want to use a tool for schedule the shutdown, have a look on this -
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Make sure that the scheduled task in running under an account that has the necessary permissions of shutdown the system.
Thanks!!!! This is exactly what I needed!
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