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How do I troubleshoot the MAPI 80004005 error ?

Exchange 2003, SP2, running on Windows 2003, SP1.  Back-end is 2 virtual servers running on a 3-cluster node.


I have a 3rd party application that reads Exchange mailboxes and updates messages within those mailboxes.  When updating messages, it fails at a certain point and produces the dreaded MAPI error of MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED (80004005) in the 3rd party application and the Event ID: 9646 :Mapi session "/o=CDHMAIL/ou=AG-CDH/cn=RECIPIENTS/cn=DHANOA" exceeded the maximum of 250 objects of type "objtMessage".   on the server where the user's mailbox resides.   The vendor of the 3rd party application wants me to make a registry change of the value "objtMessage" from 250 to 350 as stated in the KB article 830829,  but I don't want to change my Exchange configuration if the application is poorly written.  Vendor claims app is only opening one message at a time and then releasing it before moving on to the next message,  but I have my doubts.  Here's an excerpt from his log:

14:33:05 08-03] Updating stub message 'FW: Quotes 96753, 97304' [11/28/2006 8:54:50 AM]
[14:33:05 08-03] DEBUG:  1 recipients in the message. Clearing all
[14:33:05 08-03] DEBUG:  Message was successfully released
[14:33:05 08-03] Updating stub message 'FW: PREFERRED INVOICES' [3/8/2007 8:52:14 AM]
[14:33:05 08-03] DEBUG:  1 recipients in the message. Clearing all
[14:33:06 08-03] DEBUG:  Message was successfully released
1 Solution
Stacy SpearCommented:
According to that log, it is releasing the object. It appears that the application is not doing its on garbage collection. So the object is still technically being touched although it has released it. He can increase garbage collection in his app, but that will slow it down a bit. To do so after every release will greatly reduce the speed of the app.

Still could be poorly written, If the app works better with 350, he could have done that on installation :)

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