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Existing Raid 5 want to Add Raid 1

Hi All,

I'm a first time poster so please bear with me.

I have a Redhat 9 system with a hardware Raid 5 (Dell Poweredge 2650 w/ Perc 3/di controller) with 3 drives and 2 empty slots.
The /usr partition is low on disk space due to a growing db.
I have been given the task of adding two additional drives into the two empty slots, same make/model/size HD's.

The plan is to create a Raid 1 with the two new drives then move the folder holding most of the data to the new partition then create a symbolic link to the new location.

I am not an expert in Linux so I was wondering if this a sound plan am I missing something? do I run the risk of not being able to boot , lose data?

Many Thanks

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1 Solution
Your plan is good, and will probably work, however, I would recommend altering it a bit:
1. Create the RAID1 array
2. Partition and format the new array (should appear as sdb)
3. Mount it in a temporary location, like /mnt/usr
4. Stop services which change files in /usr. In your case, it seems to include the DB.
5. Copy the files from one to the other:
cd /usr
tar cf - . | ( cd /mnt/usr ; tar xvf - )
6. Rename /usr to /usr.old
7. Make a (new) directory /usr
8. Umount your /mnt/usr partition.
9. Mount (and verify it'll be mounted after reboot through /etc/fstab) your previous /mnt/usr in the new /usr location.
10. Start services, verify everything is working fine.
11. Take a week, and delete /usr.old directory. You don't need it anymore.
cchris00Author Commented:
Thanks for the thorough solution I really appreciate it.  
No problem.

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