"Use the Enterprise manager 10g Console for Data management". when trying to import

Hi ,
      I have 10g oem client installed on my pc and i am trying to do a import as user who has dba priviileges
but I get a message saying: "Use the Enterprise manager 10g Console for Data management".Is 10g client installed on my pc is different from console or if anybody has link to install it ?


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The almost deprecated "fat client" to handle database tasks has been stripped of many features in 10g.

So basically you can go with import / export on the command line or install the webbased oem on that database.

Here is how to setup OEM.

Manually configure the Oracle 10g EM dbconsole

Installation should be done within 15 minutes, you also don't have to take the database down during installation, so this is quite safe. Just don't do that during rush hours...

After that you can access to the dbmanagaer with


Use the system account to login.

monto1Author Commented:
Wow!Thanks for your quick reply that is so cool.I would certainly recommend all my dba friends to make use of this site its incredible .
We have grid control monitoring our databases and the target is being monitored, can i give access to the application team to make use of grid control and do the import,  as the user have dba privileges who is doing import granted to it, but for making use of grid control administartion task one need to have sysdba privileges right ?or can he do the import with dba privileges or grant him sysdba and revoke once he is done with import?

Thank you.

Well with grid control you should strip the OEM and install the grid control agent instead.

Both cannot exist together since they would be both using tables of the user sysman.


There is of cause an easy way to deconfigure dbcontrol and configure agent monitoring.

If you need help with that, just ask (best in a new question, since the topic would not match)


Regarding the import: Well it would be sufficient to import the data with the system account.
There is no need to use the sys account (with sysdba permisions)

You can of cause create a new account to grant access to the grid control, they can then use their system account on that database to import the data.

Overview of Users and Security

monto1Author Commented:
Thank you i really appericate  it.
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