How do you increase the size of an infobox in the google maps API?

I have an infobox that has the option to get directions, but some of the text does not fit on the infobox and continues under the box. I want to increase the size of the box, but don't know the right syntax. This is pretty  urgent, so quick help would be great.
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In the examples I have seen the info box can just be HTML.  In that case you can set the HTML to be whatever you want.  One with a class, or explicitly setting the width in the element.

var infobox_data = '<div style="width: 200px; padding: 10px;">Example<br />123 Fake Street</div>';
(your GMarker variable here).openInfoWindowHtml( infobox_data );

Unless there is some other way that you want to have an infobox.

- Joe P
There's an own method for that:
updateInfoWindow(tabs, onupdate?)

Explanation from 
"Updates the content of the currently open GInfoWindow object, without repositioning. The info window is resized to fit the new content. The optional onupdate callback function is called after the info window content is actually changed."
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