Changing IP address of a nameserver steps

I am moving my Microsoft DNS servers to new boxes with new IPs.

I have changed the ip addresses for the name servers at my registrar. These changes have not propagated yet.

I changed the ip from to

I have added all the DNS records to the new machines using DNS DUMP.

When I look at the nameserver properties for any of the records they show, the nameserver and the original ip.

Right Click on Zone > view properties > select Name servers tab

So I see

Do I have to change the manually, or will this change when the changes I made propagate.
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Jan SpringerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when I do a 'whois' the nameservers in the return data are:


however, when I do a dig to see the name servers for your domain, I am seeing the response: 9269    IN      A 9272    IN      A

So, it appears that the only thing left to do is fix the glue at your registrar binding the name servers to the new IPs.
Jan SpringerCommented:
If I understand the question correctly,  you dumped the existing zone files and ported them to the new nameserver.

On the new nameserver, you need to manually update the NS records.
juliandormonAuthor Commented:
Ok so manually change the ip address?
The domsins are the same. stays the same. Right?
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Jan SpringerCommented:
If the nameservers have the same fully qualified domain name and the only thing that has changed is the IP address for those hosts, then in your forward zone:

ns1         IN             A 
ns2         IN             A           new2.ip.addr

and in your zone for the inverse:           IN           PTR           IN           PTR  
Jan SpringerCommented:
A note of interest:

If the hostnames of the nameservers along with the IPs are different at the registrar, in addition to adding the address and pointer records for the new hosts, you will need to change all of the NS records (where applicable) to identify the new authoritative nameservers.
juliandormonAuthor Commented:
Thank s Jesper,
This is starting to make sense.
NOw when I do a DNS report at, the report says that I have mismatched glue.
The parent servers are showing the old IP and my DNS is now showing the new IP.

I switched the nameservers over 48 hours ago, will the parent servers catch up via propogation or am I missing something else? Do I need to update the parent somehow?

ERROR: Your nameservers report glue that is different from what the parent servers report. This will cause DNS servers to get confused; some may go to the IP provided by the parent servers, while others may get to the ones provided by your authoritative DNS servers. Problem record(s) are:
Parent server ( says A record is, but
authoritative DNS server ( says it is
Jan SpringerCommented:
It appears that and are the name servers for this domain.

At the registrar level, are the IPs bound to the new nameservers?

If the nameserver fully qualified domain name has not changed, you need to change the "A" record associated with them, increase the serial number and restart your DNS server.

Can  you verify that information and also let me know if ns1 and ns2 used to be the hostnames for the nameservers for this domain?
juliandormonAuthor Commented:
Thanks! That is right. has nameservers: at the registrar points to at the registrar points to (the new box)

A records at machine are:
Host (A)
ns2 (this is the new DNS machine)

These records are identical on the

I have incremented both serials on both machines and restarted the DNS server on both.
Jan SpringerCommented:
Have you setup NS2 on the old machine with the new IP also?

And, does the registrar ask for the IP address with the hostname?  Because, the registrar currently shows the old IP with NS2.
juliandormonAuthor Commented:
Hi Jesper,
In regard to question 1:
I just recreated the records on the old machine. So this is reporting properly now.

In regards to the second question:
I think your asking what are the nameservers listed for
They are
The registrar does not ask for the ip addresses when filling this in, so I guess they resolve the IPs.

How are you finding what IPs they are resolving to?
juliandormonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jesper.
I am awaiting the glue to change.
I called my registrar and the have escalated this to a level 2 tech to see why this has not propagated yet.
Haven't heard anything yet. I think it's their problem.
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