Newer DSL Modem significantly better than an older one??

I have a Siemens SpeedStream 5360 ADSL modem that I am running on AT&T's DSL network (measured at about 2.4mps downstream).  I'm guessing it's two years old or so.  I recently upgraded my service and got a free after rebate SpeadStream 4100B modem.

My question is whether there are any significant improvement (apart from the smaller size) of this newer modem. Is it faster?  More reliable connection?  If not, I'm probably just going to ebay the new one.
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Newer is not always better, and only way you find out is hookup and monitor it a while, then compare with old one. Speedstream is in market while and known good device. I would keep old one as it is working good.
free one are not always better as they are cheaply produced and most are re flashed by the provider to their own level and that disables a lot of stuff that they feel isn't needed. My new free adsl router from my new provider even has my adsl login and password burned into the unit so I don't even get a adsl login and password letter so I cannot change the router , thats is breaking theit t&c anyway.  
If its not broken, dont fix it.

The newer router may or may not be better... It would be hard to tell, even with long term monitoring.

Newer chipsets will be more compatible and technicaly more stable, however there is no way of knowing if the materials used are poorer quality (or higher for that matter).

At the end of the day, it is unlikly to make much difference. If youve not had any issues with the old one, dont change. You may see a slight performance boost, you might see a slight loss, but you may have  troubles with it in a few months time..

id keep the old one and ebay the new unit.

if your old one gives up the ghost in 6 months time, you can simply purchace the model of your choice with the cash made from the one you ebayed.
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