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Issue with TVU player

I'm using laptop to view some TV channels. But that web site uses TVU Player to stream the video. Whenever i try some other channel by clicking different link OR whenever i press 'back' tab on my IE browser, it crashes my browser. This is happening in all my machines. Any tips to fix the problem please?
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1 Solution
I'd say  coudl be the internet speeds itself,, open your task amanger and just check your cpu usage.
have you installed this TVU player?
Just install and run, then select the tv channel you want to watch.

Here is a guide hope this helps for a starting point
User guide
Little TVU Player FAQ List

I havea similar one called free tv, it occasionally gets stuck trying to load.
lsmkAuthor Commented:
Still the issue persists. I think it has something to do with some settings in IE browser. not sure though
Maybe its simply too much for your laptop, how much ram do you have, hitting backspace if you have lots of activity on the screen or the web page you have open it has to release the running images and then return to the previous, what if you stopped a few things before hitting the backspace.
Coudl also be your video card.
Whats the refresher rate for your screen?
This is happening in all my machines<< are you on a lan? Server some kind of network at work or home?
all laptops?
 WMP 10 or later version is strongly recommended (using WMP 9 may result in distorted video)
I downloaded it and ran it, no probs so far, my desktop seems to flash though. I have 2 gig of ram.
Where are you hitting the back pace? On the actual player top leftside?

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lsmkAuthor Commented:
I'm not hitting any backspace. After viewing for sometime i normally stop viewing by pressing 'stop' (square) button of TVU-Player. Then if i type some other url address then the browser crashes. If i use a multi-tab browsing eventhen the browser crashes. Same is the case with firefox too. My laptop is 1GB. I don't  have any problems with other players like winamp or Mp...etc. The issue happens only with online streaming from different sites. I tried from different sites and it happens all the time wit TVUPlayer.
I took the opportunity and installed and ran this  TVU-Player its a stand alone player not on a web page?
Sits on the desktop you can run it in several modes with the channels on the left panel, it shows what bandwidth it is using and the speed.
The issue happens only with online streaming from different sites.<<??
 I tried from different sites and it happens all the time wit TVUPlayer

lsmkAuthor Commented:
No issues in standalone mode. Whenever i view online the browser crashes when i try to go to different sites.
Is there a browser version? on the home page will check it out.
Are you viewing an imbedded version of TVU?
Like you have an account?
If this is the case why not view it in the stand alone player?
lsmkAuthor Commented:
I'm viewing directly in streamers website. I don't have an option to view using standalone player
Do you still require assistance,
Your question is still open?
Is your account still active
You can now close your own question use the delete link
lsmkAuthor Commented:
may be closed.i got it resolved by reinstalling the TVU player. tks all.
Hi lsmk
Thanks for coming back.
Glad to know you found a solution too. Well Done
Yes please accept your own answer as a solution.
If you need help doing this take a look here.
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All the best
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