Scandisk /r stuck in Safe Mode?

Hi experts,

Few days ago, I attempted a scandisk /r from the dos screen in thorough mode.
I received a message saying that scandisk couldn't run right now but it would run next time I reboot the system.
Well, it did run but when it did, it said that scandisk couldn't complete because my volume was in use or locked.

So I thought I would get rid of this annoying message by booting in safe mode allowing scandisk to run and complete but now I'm a little freaked because something is happening on the HDD but I have no idea what it is.
After booting up in safe mode, it was loading a whole bunch of drivers in ASCII text.

Now it's stuck and has been stuck for over half an hour at this line : -> multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\windows\system32\drivers\BTHidMgr.sys

I have no idea if it's scandisk running in the background or something else deleting my HDD. What should I do? Force the computer to shut down (hard reset) or let it run to completion (whatever it's doing)?


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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that is the bluetooth driver.
is there some disk activity? if not, just stop it
StepNjumpAuthor Commented:
Please help guys...

I read that interrupting a scandisk can destroy the FAT or boot sector?
It's only scratching a little bit right now... I hear something is happening...

How long will it take..

StepNjumpAuthor Commented:
You are right, I have a bluetooth dongle in the USB port.
Should I just remove the bluetooth dongle?

I read that if I restart it, I might damage sector zero or the fat? is that true?
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StepNjumpAuthor Commented:
Yes there's still a little bit of disk activity. Maybe it comes from the Bluetooth?
Anything dangerous could happen if I physically remove the bluetooth dongle?
StepNjumpAuthor Commented:
Disconnected the bluetooth dongle. So far, no disk activity.
StepNjumpAuthor Commented:
So I guess, it never even started the chkdsk /r in safe mode right?
StepNjumpAuthor Commented:
You are perfectly right. That's exactly what that disk activity was, the bluetooth.
Everything is great.

Thank you a million for responding so late.

well - i was busy with other things - glad it worked for you . . .
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