Forward a copy of Email from Outlook 2003 to another email address


I use Outlook 2003 where I get my company email collected by Small Business Server.  I want to forward a copy of these emails to another email address when I am travelling, how can I do it.
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albatros34Connect With a Mentor Commented:
One way to do this would be to set up a contact with the external address in the address list and then there's an option in AD Users and Computers on the Exchange Advanced tab that allows you to either forward all mail for the user to the contact or to send a copy of each incoming mail to the contact.
glenn_1984Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Another option is to setup a rule in Outlook...which you could turn off and on at will...

When new mail arrives
Forward a copy to other email address

However, this method requires Outlook ot be open to work.
akay11Author Commented:
Hi Glenn
Where in Outlook I can set this rule for forwarding copy of incoming new email?


Actually; the forward is under Exchange Gerneral tab of the user, not the advance tab in SBS 2003 AD Users and Computer.
It is slick to do if you need to watch what a user is receiving
In Outlook 2007 you can configure forwarding rules via the 'Tools' 'Rules and Alerts' option.

However, in many companies automatic forwarding to external addresses is disabled for security reasons. This is done on the exchange server. You can setup the forwarding rule in Outlook but the mail will not arrive. If that's the case then your only option is to setup a contact in the GAL and then use the 'Delivery Options' setting on the 'General' tab of the exchange version of AD users and computers (refers to Exchange 2003). You can either forward the mail or send a copy.
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