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I am in a shared hosting environment with 2003 server standard and IIS 6.0.  There are thoudands of customers per server that currently use front page sites. These sites were configure to use basic authentication , which I do not like as it is not secure.

However, I have tested for hours and can not get the windows inegrated to work properly. When a customer tries to edit the site with front page from a browser or front page itself, they are presented with a password prompt, which is good. HJowever, after thety enter credentails , they receieve the famous server extensions cant access the file fronpage.lck.

I have tried everything to get rid of this because I cant beleive front page went work with this authentication method. I went as far as to open a test site home dir with everyone gets full permssions jsut to verify if this is really ntfs or something. No dice!!! No matter what I do it will not work and the same error comes up.

Does anyone have any clue on how to fix tis or if there is some reason it would not work with Windows Inegrated authetnication.

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andrew_89Author Commented:
I have tried deleting the lck files
modifying permissions
re-installing extensions
re-calculating extensions
using the repair for permsiions
andrew_89Author Commented:
The cusomrwe contrecnt lives on netapp cifs  shares. I have discovered that if I create a local home dir on the server integrated auth works fin with front page. Now it appers this may be some issue with the netapp and ntlm ??

not sure yet.

andrew_89Author Commented:
Tuen out you need to have protocol transitioning configured for content stored on NAS device using unc paths.
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