Changing Domain Name on Windows 2003 Server

I am changing domain controllers from a 2003 SBS PDC to a Standard Windows 2003 Domain Server.  The SBS machine was named domain.local and when I setup the Standard server i named the domain  This causes an issue when I take the member computers off the SBS domain and then join them to the standard domain creating a whole new user profile.  From what i understand if the domain where named the same i could easily use the profile (all clients are Windows XP) from the original domain.  The new server is all setup and ready to go and i need to know if there is a way to change the domain name on the new server from to domain.local?
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LauraEHunterMVPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since the domain.local domain already exists, you can add the new server as an additional domain controller within the SBS domain.local domain.  Run dcpromo on the new server to remove Active Directory (select the "this is the last dc in the domain) check-box.  Then re-run dcpromo and select "additional domain controller in an existing domain", and then add the new DC to the existing domain.local domain.
jong_2004Author Commented:
I am giving that a try right now and will post upon completion of the listed solution.
Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
You can rename a Windows 2003 domain see but please note YOU CANNOT RENAME AN SBS DOMAIN.

It you want to migrate your existing SBS Domain to a standard 2003 Domain see
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