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Years ago I had Exchange 4.0 working to my isp account on demon. Can anyone give a pointer where to start on 2007? It allowed multiple mailboxes etc. worked lovely.
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redseatechnologiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you perhaps mean you want to use a POP3 Connector?  Something that will download mail from your ISP and put it in your Exchange Mailboxes directly?

If so, then there is a slight hitch, I don't know of any POP3 Connectors for 007 as yet, and would rather catch fire than use one anyway.

Are you referring to hosting your own Exchange server on the Internet?  

Deploying Exchange 2007 involves deploying Active Directory as a pre-requisite, followed by actually deploying Exchange.  You'll need to have a good understanding of Active Directory before attempting to deploy Exchange, since the latter cannot function without the former.

To get started with Active Directory, start with the links/white papers here:

Getting started with Exchange 2007:

Depending on the size of your deployment, you might be interested in paying for a hosted Exchange service rather than deploying/maintaining your own:
Demon Internet were rather unique in the UK ISP market (and are still unique in their attitude, but I digress) in offering a push SMTP feed on their dial up service. You connect and email is pushed down to the server automatically. Excellent for use with Exchange because all you had to do was schedule a dial up connection with a traffic time out.

You should be able to do the same thing, although I haven't used Demon Internet for many years (I have been responsible for loss of well over £30k in annual revenue). Presuming that they still offer the push SMTP traffic flow all you need to do is configure the accepted domains list to include your Demon host name.
It isn't any different to how a conventional domain works, just without the interim servers at Demon, which can lose email for weeks.

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