Networking via Power Lines: Internet sharing

While investigating the possibility of networking 2 computers in my home via 2 POWER LINE units (eg.  NETGEAR XE104 85 Mbps Wall-Plugged Ethernet 4-port Switch) , the suggested set-up always shows one power line unit  plugged into a router - in order to send the IP address to the second computer.  

I believe that the router is not needed.  I am only interested in sharing an Internet connection & I believe that I can do that by using the INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING WIZARD.  That is my QUESTION.  

I previously did something similar using TELEPHONE LINE NETWORK cards.  I did not use a router.  I simply used the INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING WIZARD.  This worked beautifully for several years (without a single problem).  However the "networked" computer is currently SOMETIMES getting kicked off the Internet (the light on the network card goes out) or SOMETIMES not able to get an Internet connection at all (the light on the network card is not lit up).  I'm guessing that the problem is related to the Phone Line cards & not the computer - thus my desire to switch to the POWER LINE solution (telephone line cards are no longer available).  

Anyway, thanks for any insight.
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dpk_walConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are right, if you configure one of the machine which has connection to the internet with ICS then there is no need for a router. If you have just two machines then you can configure as follows:

Internet --- PC1 --- Power line adapter ------------- Power line adapter --- PC2

You have options to use Ethernet cards OR Power line adapters OR Phone line adapters for connecting PC1 & PC2. In the figure I suggested Power line adapter as you wish to use them.

Thank you.
heat_doctorAuthor Commented:
That's what I thought.  Just wanted to make sure.  Tech support people who sell these items won't tell you that!!!  
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