How to make installed sw available to users

I now have this PowerPC G4. I know nothing about Macs.

I created 2 users, in addition to the Admin user. I installed firefox via the Admin user. How do I make firefox available to the other users?
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ascintoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Double click the dmg so in mounts on the desktop again. Open it up, and drag the FireFox icon to your applications folder, that's how you install applications in os x if they do not come with an installer. Just drag the application to the Applications folder.
If you installed it to Applications, it should already be available. You did put it in the Applications folder? All Applications go to the folder /Applications, which you can see if you double click you hard drive ( the grey metal hard drive on the screen, maybe called 'Macintosh HD' ). When the window opens, you should like 6 folders, one of which is called Applicaitons. All the programs go in there, and they will be accessible by all the users.

If it won't launch because the user doesn't have rights, or you changed permissions, open up disk utility ( in Applications/Utilities ) and launch it. Once it opens, select your hard drive on the left and click the 'repair permissions' button.
allelopathAuthor Commented:
It isn't in the applications folder. I didn't install it anywhere other than the default. I just downloaded the .dmg file to the desktop and clicked until it was installed.
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