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Is it possible to upgrade the dictionary, thesaurus, and grammar tools in Word? The dictionary that comes with Word seems to be abridged and the thesaurus is rarely helpful.
I would appreciate any suggestions.
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Eric FletcherCommented:
It won't help you for the grammar part, but you can create your own dictionaries. You can also include exception word dictionaries to override built-in or custom ones -- don't allow "labor" if you only want "labour" for example. Word's help has information about this, although the exception dictionary part is a bit obscure.

Third party dictionaries are available but they can have their limitations too.

There are also tools out there to generate a word list from documents you throw at it. This can be helpful if you want to generate a custom dictionary because it gives you all of the words in an editable format so you can just delete all but the ones you want for your dictionary. Search for "concordance" or check out www.textworld.com/scp (free); www.concordancesoftware.co.uk/ (30 day trial); or www.lexically.net/wordsmith (suite of lexical analysis tools + some custom dictionaries).
Eric FletcherCommented:
Other dictionaries are available -- Polderland Oxford English Spellchecker at www.oup.co.uk/ep/cdroms/spellchecker/ is one -- but I'm not aware of a product that does all 3 tasks.
ArkAdminAuthor Commented:
I'm mostly interested in suggestions on a third party dictionary. I do a lot of technical writing and the default dictionary is pretty poor for this.
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