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I am wondering if it is possible to create a rule/filter based on a messages existence in a folder. I am using imap. The rule i would like to create is for handling of spam messages, in particular, redirecting of spam messages to a particular email address that trains spamassasin. Any messages sent to this account get sa-learn ran on it and the messages are entered into the spam database. I am currently using The Bat! as an email client to accomplish this. Basically the rule in The Bat! goes as follows. Drag messages from inbox to specified folder. Any messages that exist in this folder are then redirected (not forwarded, it keeps the headers intact) to the specified email account. After being redirected the messages are then deleted from the folder. Does anyone know if this can be done in Thunderbird, if so how?

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Marc ZCommented:
So from my experimenting,  I can't get TB to do the Redirection automatically, without some prompt from the user.

You CAN highlight multiple emails and tell TB to Redirect, with a simple right click,  (with this add-on ) but a filter will not do it for you.
Marc ZCommented:
Possibly if you use these extensions together.

Although I do not believe at this time that Filters will actually do the redirecting for you.
Forced accept.

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