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Installed addittional SCSI card for tape library - removed - now on boot get NMI on light path diagnostics

Win Server 2003
IBM xSeries 345
ServeRAID 5i
Raid 5

Today (Saturday) I decided to come in to hook up my new exabyte tape library to the data server. I opened the server up and installed the  additional SCSI card for external exabyte tape library in slot 1

On boot I get error '2 standby devices not rersponding or found at new location'
So I decided to remove the  new scsi card, on boot still get the above error so I open it up again and reseat the IBM ServeRAID card in slot 2.
On boot now gets to IBM startup page finding the two processors, looks at the memory and then hangs. On the light path diagnostics the NMI is lit and about 60 seconds later it restarts with the same thing. In the manual it says that a Nonmaskable interrupt occurred.

In the diagnostics table it says 'The PCI BUS LED will probably also be on' and 'If the PCI BUS LED is on, follow the instructions for those LEDs. If the PCI BUS LED is not on, restart the server..The PCI led is not on so I restart the server (multiple times) with the same error.

I cannot get into any diagnostics and it does not boot from CD or floppy (it doesnt even get this far)

There is not much info on the NMI led error on the net so I am not sure what to do but I presume:

I messed up the BIOS somehow?
or some other hardware issue?

It looks like the people below had a similar thing happen:



Need desperate help with this one please!
Many Thanks,
1 Solution
   Silly question... did you try removing all power from the chassis for a min?  I often do this with my dell boxes to reset the onboard management software that holds errors, etc.

  Another thought... did you check to make sure the specs on both those cards are the same?  My dells usually group the PCI slots into buses to the processor (e.g. slots 1 & 2, slots 3 - 6, slots 7 & 8).  I have in past had a 5v PCI card cause another card in a grouped slot to die even though the slots were dual-voltage.  Your card could have up and died.

Don't know if that is of any help...  -Cheers, Peter.
nhaydockAuthor Commented:
Ok the guys at IBM are amazing, pulled some strings and a guy came out today (Sunday) to assess. He starts pulling everything out and then trying one thing at a time - he narrows it down to a single memory chip and whamo I am up and running - incredible. I guess it must have been coincedence that one of these chips died when I added the extra adaptor - i really did think it was something I had inadvertantly caused!

My points go to Peter as he was the first and only response and he was pretty close too!


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