SBS 2003 - setup

I am installating a new sbs 2003 server.  
I am currently hosting email at godaddy and will be using the Pop3 connector for now within SBS.
I need to be able to have the users access RWW and OWA, currently they can only access via IP/Remote or IP/Exchange.
How should I create the record with Godaddy without affecting the current DNS POP/Web settings.
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You can't change the A record for your domain since that would stop mailflow to the godaddy mailboxes and try to deliver it to your SBS server instead. So, what I would recommend is instead of pointing your domain to your webspace at godaddy, setup a forwarder to send all web traffic (not mail) towards your IP address. See pages 4, 5 and 6 here for details on doing that:

Note that if you have a website hosted at godaddy already then that isn't going to work, since all web traffic will point to the SBS and bypass godaddy hosting. So an alternative would be to create two folders at godaddy, exchange and remote, and upload a script to each directory like the one here: http:Q_22744857.html#a19640898 Change the bit which says src="/exchange" to src="http://<your IP>/exchange" or src="http://<your IP>/remote" and upload it. That will redirect users to the server.

Your final option would be to create a subdomain such as, and change the A record on that to point to the IP address of your SBS. Then just get users to go to and it won't disturb mail flow.
Imtiaz HashamTechnical Director / IT ConsultantCommented:
What I would do is create an A record at godaddy as follows:

If your current A record is pointing to godaddy, I would create an A record such as and point it to your domain.

Hope this helps,
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