SATA HD discovered one time and not find the other...

When I restart my PC it loads the BIOS, RAM etc.. when trying to locate the SATA HD it can sometimes take 1 sec, but most of the time it checks for HD (and CD but no an issue) for a minute or so.

And usually when trying to boot Windows it cant find any Windows partition (it hasnt found the HD)

I'm not sure why this is happening, I have checked all the cabling in the PC and all seems fine.

After maybe 3 to 15 restarts it will find the HD. Usually after a "Windows Restart" it will find the Harddrive straight away...

Anyone else had similar problems?
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Have you flashed your BIOS to the latest version ?

IS this SATA 1 or SATA 2. Some new SATA 2 drives have problems being recognized on older MOBO, and they need to be jumpered to run in SATA 1.0 mode.

I hope this helps
What is the make and model of your PC? What Operating System (OS) are you running? Is this a new drive or one that came with the system? What is the make and model of the hard drive?
I had some experience with same problem for one of our customers... Power supply :)
Try to stress system hard by running some power hungry game or some of benchmarks.
If that is passed without reboots then it may be faulty harddrive or controler on motherboard...
check if your PS can handle the load here :
Hey dude,

Well i have a simple solution for you. First get a backup of ur data from i dont wanna be rde, but it seems like  your hard drive is abpout to fail. i have worked with HP for a long time, and this issue results in maximum hardrive failures. also BIOS flash works only when there is a BIOS crash. Take the system to near by computer shop and try to check the system with sum other SATA hard drive. Check if it works and npte down if it SATA -I or II. If ur system works fine with those hard drive, get ur hard drive replaced as soon possible. This issue basically arises when the reader starts to miss boot sector and the zero sector of the hard drive. Thus hard drive will not get detected. Replacing the hard drive and getting the backup is the best solution before it gets too late.
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