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Hello - I would like to use automator to do several things on my Mac.  Everyone raves about how easy it is to use, bit it is far from in my experience.  I create workflows that do not do anything.  The workflows complete successfully, but do not perform the prescribed actions.  I do not need a man page or a thick manual.  All of the OS X books I have read only contain a scant few pages on automator, but nothing substantial.  Examples of automator configurations with practical steps would be awesome.  I have posted numerous times in the Apple forums, but have received no answer.  

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Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderAsked:
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mc1arkeConnect With a Mentor Commented: has some good examples of workflows (and the steps involved in building them) which should help you to learn how to create your own
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips!
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