IBM DS400; replace with DS 3400 or DS4700?

The IBM DS400 SAN attached storage array is no longer available so I must decide on a replacement, the kit must be IBM so no telling me to buy NetApps or EMC.

The replacement system will start with 14 * 147GB disks plus dual controllers and enclosures to match the current system so that leaves the DS3400 with an additional 12 disk enclosure or a DS4700. For this scenario both systems are identically priced since they are covered under initial project costs. Expansion by adding more disks and enclosures for the future is not free and I understand there is quite a price differential between SAS and fibre channel disks.

Which should I get, I'll be tied in to buying the same disk type for the foreseeable future
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OK, I won't tell you to buy HP or NetApp (it's not NetApps please.)
Go and buy the IBM N Series SAN.
See, I didn't tell you to buy IBM N Series but it's EXACTLY what you'll actually take delivery of.
Cunning, eh?

Don't choose a DS4700. That's the single most stupid platform you can buy for Exchange. OK, it's not, that honour goes to EMC Clariion, but it's a jolly close second.

I would suggest the N3700 as a first look. 16TB of disk and it's clusterable.

Take a look at what the N3700 gives you. Real SnapShots, good volume mirroring, no performance degredation. Nothing, certainly not that utter rubbish DS4700 you're looking at, (you've cottoned on to the scorn I'm pouring on that, right?) will give you the SnapShots, Single Mailbox Recovery, Clustering and SnapManager technology.
See, you'd think I'd get it right:
"See, I didn't tell you to buy IBM N Series but it's EXACTLY what you'll actually take delivery of."
Should have read:
See, I didn't tell you to buy NetApp but it's EXACTLY what you'll actually take delivery of.
Silly me.
I'm still right though and anyone will tell you the same.

DS4700, guffaw.

andyalderAuthor Commented:
IBM's website only lists the N series under NAS but not under disk storage systems. That's just daft since it does block level I/O.
It's funny, IBM N Series such as the 3700 is the same box as the NetApp FAS3020. It's a full blown FC SAN just like anything in the NetApp range. They only do SAN, it just so happens that you can connect to one as a CIFS share - IF!! you've bought the license to allow it :-)
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