Advanced File Association in VIsta

In XP, I was able to select the default action I want to take with a file by going to folder potions, file types, then selecting my extension and hitting advanced.I could then add things to the right-click menu, and select which option I wanted as the default.

In Vista, I cannot see how to do this.  I do see how to change the program the file opens with, but this does not solve my issue.

Specifically, I have SAS files that I want to set up to open in a text editor when I double-click on them.  If I set them up to open with SAS, there seems to be no way to change the default option to open with the text editor - it will only open the file in the SAS application.  If I change the default program to be the text editor (Ultra Edit, in my case), I lose the ability to batch submit the job in SAS.

So is there a way to just edit the default action taken when double-clicking?
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I'm afraid this is one of the changes made to the "improved" OS.  All I know about how to do it is with a separate program, or by editing the registry directly, as explained here:

Here's an interesting page I just found at
Edit File Types in Windows Vista
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Have you tried:

To Associate a file type:

Start » All Programs » Default programs (you may need to scroll up to see it at the top)
Choose "associate a file type or protocol with a program"

gcbritAuthor Commented:
I think you might have missed chuckin in a link about editing the registry.  

I guess I'll install that program and see what happens.  Anyone used it?
Hmmm, haven't found again that page about editing the registry, but still looking.  Here's a handy page for some Vista file association fix registry files:
File association fixes for Windows Vista
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