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Multiple Conditions in @If formula

I know that I'm missing something, but can't figure out what is wrong?  I have a column in a view, and based on what values are available in the documents, I want a specific field to show in the column.  So, I'm using an @If statement.  There are four fields, sometimes only one has a value (at least one will), but sometimes all of them will have a value or only two of them.  So, I've listed what I want to show, based on the order.  But, I can't get it to work -- only the SolicitorName will come up and when that is blank (on the form), the next field BrokerName may (or may not be) blank, but nothing else displays.  At least one of the value of fields after Solicitor is available, but it isn't showing.  What's wrong?

@If(SolicitorName != ""; SolicitorName;
BrokerName != ""; BrokerName;
GAName != ""; GAName;
GAOffice != ""; GAOffice;"")
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your formula seems to be in order.

make sure of the following:
1. that the fieldnames are correct, no typo error
2. that the value of blank fields are not " " (space). might want to consider @trim(<fieldname>) != ""
3. that the fields do exist. ->BrokerName != ""; BrokerName  will not be true if the field does not exists. try @IsAvailable to check if field exists.

hope this helps.
AliciaVeeAuthor Commented:

Yes!  Thank you.  @Trim<fieldname) fixed my problem.  Thanks!!
thanks! :)
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