Can't get mailto: to work properly with scandinavian characters in Outlook and Opera Mail

When opening the mailto links the scandinavian characters will show up mangled in Outlook and Opera but correctly in Thunderbird.

If I change the encoding in firefox to ISO-8859-1 then Outlook will be correct but Opera still mangles it.

Settings on the server (Fedora Core 5):


AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

Any tips?
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If you are using Web based mail, you should set:

AddDefaultCharset  off

in your httpd.conf, then restart apache.

To make it display Language other than the deafult Language for your OS correctly.
johnnybalubaAuthor Commented:

I'm not using web based mail, but creating web pages with mailto:-links. I'm trying to standarize on UTF8 but it seems that Outlook has got some problems with that.

I can set defaultcharset off and use the meta tag in the html header to use ISO-8859-1 but that is not really the solution I'm after. However if that's the only way I'll have to go for that.
Hi there,
It may be the sending, not the receiving that is the problemo, take a look at this

johnnybalubaAuthor Commented:
Well, the problem occurs already when creating the email, ie just after clicking on the mailto-link. æøå becomes æøå.

However setting AddDefaultCharset off and then setting charset=ISO-8859-1 in the html header fixes it. It feels like a step backwards though but it's the only way to get Outlook to behave it seems. Can't get Opera Mail to work no matter what I do. Kind of odd since it is a norwegian based company.
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