what should i do about the raw format of partition??

hi!! my harddisk crashed yesterday!!! suddenly my computer restarted and  when i tried to open the drive it said it needs to be formatedits format was raw.i couldnt do anything about it. then today my pc again suddenly restarted and i lost my remaining drives when i inserted bootable cd it said format is unknown
i deleted my c partition and created a new one but when i tried to format it the process was too slow and evntually after 30 min it was able to format 80 % and then it struck after 10 min an error occured which said that my harddisk may be damaged (i think it said damage) what can i do about it? can i recover my data now?? please help me!!
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It could be difficult sine you have written after it crashed. You can try getdataback from http://www.getdataback.com 
I think there is more information you can provide us that may make it possible to fix your drive. This looks like missing data on your drive. Most blue screens of death and system reboots can be fixed. But when fixed, get your data onto another media is always the best bet. Can you give us the error codes an tell us if you have a blue screen of death.

Also give us your system specs.

Serial number or service tag
Operating system
Motherboard information
Custom build/manufacturer build
pci cards that you have
on board devices you are using.
SCSI, IDE, or SATA drives
Make and model of drives
canbe any hardware component failing; you may try running some tests :
http://www.pc-doctor.com/                                    PC doctor
http://www.passmark.com/download/index.htm                        Burnin test
www.tufftest.com/tt01-lite.htm                        free      TuffTest lite
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