How to use a variable in an Excel formula when using the module Spreadsheet:WriteExcel?

Posted on 2007-08-12
Last Modified: 2013-11-05
I'm using the Perl module Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.
I want to subsitute a variable for the cell rows, instead of writing each line like I did below??

Any ideas??

$worksheet->write(1, 3, '=IF(AND(F2="",H2="",J2=""),"",MAX(F2,H2,J2))', $format);
$worksheet->write(2, 3, '=IF(AND(F3="",H3="",J3=""),"",MAX(F3,H3,J3))', $format);
$worksheet->write(3, 3, '=IF(AND(F4="",H4="",J4=""),"",MAX(F4,H4,J4))', $format);
$worksheet->write(4, 3, '=IF(AND(F5="",H5="",J5=""),"",MAX(F5,H5,J5))', $format);
$worksheet->write(5, 3, '=IF(AND(F6="",H6="",J6=""),"",MAX(F6,H6,J6))', $format);
$worksheet->write(6, 3, '=IF(AND(F7="",H7="",J7=""),"",MAX(F7,H7,J7))', $format);
$worksheet->write(7, 3, '=IF(AND(F8="",H8="",J8=""),"",MAX(F8,H8,J8))', $format);
$worksheet->write(8, 3, '=IF(AND(F9="",H9="",J9=""),"",MAX(F9,H9,J9))', $format);
$worksheet->write(9, 3, '=IF(AND(F10="",H10="",J10=""),"",MAX(F10,H10,J10))', $format);
$worksheet->write(10, 3, '=IF(AND(F11="",H11="",J11=""),"",MAX(F11,H11,J11))', $format);
$worksheet->write(11, 3, '=IF(AND(F12="",H12="",J12=""),"",MAX(F12,H12,J12))', $format);
$worksheet->write(12, 3, '=IF(AND(F13="",H13="",J13=""),"",MAX(F13,H13,J13))', $format);
$worksheet->write(13, 3, '=IF(AND(F14="",H14="",J14=""),"",MAX(F14,H14,J14))', $format);
$worksheet->write(14, 3, '=IF(AND(F15="",H15="",J15=""),"",MAX(F15,H15,J15))', $format);
$worksheet->write(15, 3, '=IF(AND(F16="",H16="",J16=""),"",MAX(F16,H16,J16))', $format);
$worksheet->write(16, 3, '=IF(AND(F17="",H17="",J17=""),"",MAX(F17,H17,J17))', $format);
$worksheet->write(17, 3, '=IF(AND(F18="",H18="",J18=""),"",MAX(F18,H18,J18))', $format);
$worksheet->write(18, 3, '=IF(AND(F19="",H19="",J19=""),"",MAX(F19,H19,J19))', $format);
$worksheet->write(19, 3, '=IF(AND(F20="",H20="",J20=""),"",MAX(F20,H20,J20))', $format);
$worksheet->write(20, 3, '=IF(AND(F21="",H21="",J21=""),"",MAX(F21,H21,J21))', $format);
$worksheet->write(21, 3, '=IF(AND(F22="",H22="",J22=""),"",MAX(F22,H22,J22))', $format);
$worksheet->write(22, 3, '=IF(AND(F23="",H23="",J23=""),"",MAX(F23,H23,J23))', $format);
$worksheet->write(23, 3, '=IF(AND(F24="",H24="",J24=""),"",MAX(F24,H24,J24))', $format);

Question by:rkckjk
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    Expert Comment

    Do you mean:

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use strict;
    my $count = 1;

    for (1..23) {
        print "\$worksheet->write($count, 3, '=IF(AND(";
        print "F$count=\"\",H$count=\"\",J$count=\"\"),\"\",MAX(F$count,H$count,J$count))', \$format)\n";
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    Author Comment

    your solution justs print outs the formula 23 times.

    I changed your code slightly to this:

    my $count = 1;
    for (1..23) {
        $worksheet->write($count, 3, '=IF(AND(F$count=\"\",H$count=\"\",J$count=\"\"),\"\",MAX(F$count,H$count,J$count))', $format);

    but it still doesn't work
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    Accepted Solution

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use strict;
    use Spreadsheet::WriteExcel;

    my $workbook = Spreadsheet::WriteExcel->new("perl.xls");
    my $worksheet = $workbook->add_worksheet();

    my $format = $workbook->add_format();

    my $row = 1;
    my $col = 2;
    for (1..23) {
        $worksheet->write($row, 3, "=IF(AND(F$col=\"\",H$col=\"\",J$col=\"\"),\"\",MAX(F$col,H$col,J$col))", $format);

    Puts the formulas in the cells for me -- I haven't evaluated the accuracy of your fomula, but the code enters the requested formulas in cells D2 through D24...

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