How to recover a disappeared Network Bridge?

I am using a PC with Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2, and I installed VMware Workstation 6, using as VMware's networking option, Network Bridging.

Networking between my Virtual Machine (Guest)'s XP and Real Machine (Host)'s XP did not work, until I reconfigured Host's XP network connections in order to disable DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - the protocol for automating the configuration of computers that use TCP/IP). Since all TCP/IP settings were manually configured, networking between my Virtual Machine (Guest)'s XP and Real Machine (Host)'s XP is finally working!

However, a new problem appeared  In my Real Machine, suddenly and with no apparent reason, all my network settings were destroyed and setted to wrong values; and the worst thing (I think)  when I opened the Network Connections window, the Network Bridge (MAC Bridge Miniport) disappeared!!

I manually re-configured the network settings, but since Network Bridge is not accessible on RM, my VM can't network with RM, and thus no Internet access is possible (on VM) nor other tasks that imply networking. This is a very severe handicap!! Without networking, virtualization becomes almost useless!

What do you suggest? This is a very serious problem to me, causing severe damage on my digital life... Please help me!

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.
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arkoakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if your RM has DNS service enabled, you don't need to install proxy server, when you enable internet sharing on a network connection, DNS is automatically enabled. It will not slow down the system.

But bridged mode is also fine, all you need is to assign the IP address to the VM guest properly. This IP address must be recognized by your ISP though (most ISP's allow traffic to only limited IP's which they chose, thing is, they might have blocked the IP you used just recently, NAT is the option in this case)

There is nothing to do with Network Bridge for VM, VM uses its internal bridging technology and does not rely on creating a bridge in windows, however if above advice does not help you and you think there was a serious problem with network, , simply reinstalling VMware (remove - reboot - install) will solve such a problem with VMware interfaces.
Right click mouse on My Network icon on your desktop and choose properties.
Right click mouse on Local Area Connection and choose Bridge Connections.
Report back here :)
arkoakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
your normal network is working fine right?

so you don't need a bridge at all

For your Guest OS, re-set the network card to 'bridged'
 then from within guest os, set the Ip on the same subnet as that of your physical PC, it should work without creating an actual bridge.

Now you had some troubles using vm network, its quite simple if you havn't tried nat mode:-

1. set your internet connection sharing ON. (properties > sharing > enable for VMNET0)
2. check the IP address manually configured on VMNET1 on host, note it.
3. Change the network card mode of your guest OS to custom and select VMNET0
4. From within your guest OS, manually set the IP address in the same subnet as noted in step2, set the gateway and DNS= ip noted in step2.

you are finished.

asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
I have tried to use VMnet1 (Host-only) and VMnet8 (NAT) rather than VMnet0 (Bridged). I had to install a Proxy Server on RM in order to give (share) internet access to VM. This worked but is a bad solution  the internet connection's speed becomes very slow in both, VM and RM... It is better than nothing but using VMnet0 (Bridged) would be much, much better! (Note  my ISP provides me internet access by ethernet, so the same LAN device/adpater is necessary for both  internet and LAN/intranet).

In the past, I had a USB ADSL Modem, and my internet access was named, by Windows, as Dial-up. In that time, I had to always use a Proxy Server installed on RM, and the same bad results were obtained. That's the reason why I decide to switch to a mono-router (a router only for one computer), in order to have internet access by ethernet, and thus, internet would be automatically available to all computers (real or virtual) that were in the same LAN; with no necessity to install a Proxy Server.

Thus, I really would like to recover the disappeared Network Bridge  icon on Network Connections, to manually re-configure it. (Note  I think I am still having a network bridge working, but it is not well configured, and the icon has disappeared from Network Connections window and from ipconfig /all).
asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
Best regards.
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