Restore Exchange 5.5 and Renaming MDBDATA

Hi everyone,

I have Exchange 5.5 on a Win2K server and during a bad shutdown the IS became corrupted.  I am using Backup Exec and have the selections "Microsoft Exchange Public Folders" and "Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes" checked for my backups.  I have good backups of those.  I did not backup the IS though (I know).

I've ran a repair using eseutil and recovered a lot of data but with a lot of errors.  I also have tried running a restore and now people have duplicate emails and some users show having 4 billion unread emails in their inbox.

I've tried creating a recovery server and restoring it to the new install of Exchange but Backup Exec is giving me errors.

On my production server can I rename the MDBDATA folder to OLD, create a new priv.edb and pub.edb and run my restore back to the prod server?  Or is it a bit more complicated than that?

Thanks for any help!
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After you ran the repair (eseutil /p), did you run ISINTEG -FIX -PRI -TEST ALLTESTS

But to answer your question:
Yes you can rename the MDBDATA folder on ALL drives to MDBDATA.OLD.
Create a new MDBDATA folder wherever you renamed one.
Start the Information Store service.
This will then create empty databases.

r_talkingtonAuthor Commented:
No I don't think I did run ISINTEG.  I did run the integrity mode using eseutil, though.  

Should I go ahead and run it to see if the problems get fixed or just make sure and do it after the restore?
"Should I go ahead and run it to see if the problems get fixed or just make sure and do it after the restore?"
I'm not sure how to answer that.
When ESEUTIL /P is run against a database, ESEUTIL examines each 4KB page in the database. If there are errors it will try to correct them. If they cannot be corrected then the page is discarded from the database.
ISINTEG works on the links between the different tables in the database. So if a page has been deleted by ESEUTIL /P then this needs to be run.

What I have seen alot of the time is that users will have messages showing in their mailbox but they cannot open some of these. After running ISINTEG -FIX the messages that cannot be opened will be removed because the links between the tables have been corrected.

Hope this helps.

r_talkingtonAuthor Commented:
Yes it did help tremendously.  Got everything back up and running.  Thanks for your help!
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